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"and I'm not just going to pin your butt to the floor but I'm going to kick it off this planet", I exclaimed as I walked out of the ring.

The high school wrestling team needed new uniforms and stuff so the schoolboard decided to hold a professional wrestling charity event with some teachers, parents etc.. It was try outs so I volunteered.

I got the part and my story line was simple. I would play this wrestler, the villian,  from a long time ago who never made it do to injuries. My opponent was a childhood friend who got to be a professional after I got injured. So I would seek revenge some 20 years later for taking advantage of this.

Now during a night rally for the wrestlers I was in the back and my opponent, whom I never met, was in the ring being interviewed and trying to talk the parents into supporting the wrestling team.

We were there to rehearse the night of the rally. Now I was to walk down the aisle, with microphone in hand, and complain, carry-on and challenge him to a match. Thing is I wouldn't be alone. In the ring was the School Superintendant Mr. Long. He was a very serious and strict man in his late 50's.

Then there was the Mayor Mrs. Lucas. She was our first female mayor. She was in her later 40's, reddish hair and a terrific smile. She wore a white blouse, lavander jacket, lavander pants, gray stockings and lavander shoes. I had a hard time trying not to stare at her feet in those shoes!

There was also my opponent, the mayor's husband( who was also on the school board), some coaches, promoters and a few others in the ring.

During the rally interview I was to get into the ring and challenge him. When Mr. Long told me to get out of here I shove him. My oppenent would grab me and I would slap him and he would fall to the matt. I then turn to Mrs. Lucas and approach her and say," do you know what you and Mr. Long have in common"?

Her response is," no you animal I don't".

I say," the two reasons this school system sucks". She then slaps me across the face and I go at her but the others stop me and I leave the ring. Very easy format to follow.

Afterwards there was a gathering in the cafeteria. I heard Mr. Long tell those involved," whatever you do keep that Michael character and his opponent, they will sell out this benefit, I don't want to lose them".

There was doughnuts, coffee cakes etc. The promoter was pleases and told us everthing looks good and we should have a profitable night. I then saw the promoter hand Mrs. Lucas some paperwork, he hugged her and they went their seperate ways.

I was sipping a coffee when Mrs. Lucas came up to me and apologized for hitting me. I told her it was part of the act and nothing to worry about. She asked if I had signed these papers and vouchers yet. I told her that I hadn't even seen any paperwork.

"Oh my", she responded," I wonder if you wouldn't mind coming back to my office with me and signing them"? I told her that I had no problem leaving early and that if she needed them signed I would do so.

We left and I followed her in my truck to her office. We went in and took the elevator up to her office. While in the elevator I still couldn't get over how she was dressed. She looked good in that Lavander outfit and those gray stockings in those shoes I just stared!

We got to her office and she put on the light and sat in her chair and gave a sigh of reilief. I asked her if she was ok and she said," yes it's just that my feet are killing me in these shoes', and I heard them plop on the floor. I couldn't let this go.

I asked her if I could see one of those shoes ans she said no at first because they might smell and were probably sweaty.

I told her I took a reflexology course and I could tell if these were a perfect fit or not. She gave me one and I looked at it and then I said to her," lets slip it on and see how the fit is".

She handed me her left foot, as she was getting the papers for me to sign and I ran my finger from her heel to her sole. She jumped in her chair, yanked her leg and screamed," NO NO NOT THE FEET, I'M SO TICKLISH THERE, IT'S PURE TORTURE"! That's when I got a devilish idea.

I told her that I wanted to give her the proper foot treatment my way. She looked at me puzzled and asked," you're not one of those foot freaks are you"?

I told her," na just a admirer and a foot fixer upper, I just want to treat your sore feet my way because you deserve it".

"And if I refuse", she asked?

"Then", I said," find yourself another villian wrestler. I was joking of course but I wanted to see what she would do. It didn't take long to find out!

She looked panicky as she stated there was no time to find one and cosidering I already made a good impression with the promoters, school board, her husband etc.. I then said to her,"didn't I hear Mr. Long say he didn't want to lose us and to give us anything"?

"Alright, alright what do I have to do", she asked?

I told her to relax and lay on the floor. She was confused and wanted to know what this had to do with her feet. I told her that I like to make a foot rub fun and different.

Finally she layed on the floor and I proceeded to remove the shoe laces from my tennis shoes. I took the one shoe lace and tied her hands above her head to a desk leg. Despite her protests and concerns she let me do it.

"This is weird yet interesting", she whispered to me and I thought to myself," yes it will be," as I tied her ankles with the other lace.

Finished I looked down at her. She was totally helpless and looked great in all that lavander and gray stockings. She looked up at me and asked," all this trouble for a massage, when does it get fun and different"?

"Right now", and I reached down and poked her ribs. She squealed and giggled," HEY HEY HEY HAHAHAHA NO FAIR NO FAIR, PLEASE DON'T TICKLE"! I told her I was just checking to make sure she couldn't escape. I then dug into her armpits and she fought like crazy and bellowed with laughter," MUWHAHAHAHAHA NO NO NONOHAHAHAHAH WHAT HAHAHA WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH MY MY FEET"?

I tickled her tummy and she was going mad. I could tell this was one ticklish politician and a well worth prize!

I stopped and said," you know you're right", and I went to her desk, got her chair,  put it by her knees, sat, reached down and picked up her legs and placed them on my lap and said," now here is the fun. We are going to play "what's on the ballot" .

Catching her breath she asked what that was. I told her it's simple,"I ask you a tax issue or city issue and if you give the wrong answer you get this", and I quickly tickled her feet. Now despite her feet being sore, they were a beautiful size 7, perfectly soft, wide sole, plump toes and all this encased in gray stockings! She jumped off the floor and screamed,' HEY HEY NO FAIR, YOU KNOW I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THESE, YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO RUB THEM"!

"This is more fun", I implied, then with her feet in hand and fingers ready I asked the first question,"will you lower my city taxes by at least fifty percent"?

She responded," I, I, CAN'T ...........PLEASE NOT THAT........................."! And with that I tickled her toes. She went crazy. She looked like she was laughing but holding her breath which made her face turn red. Her feet were wiggling and she desperately tried to yank her legs away. I tickled her ticklish toes for a good minute. I couldn't take no more. I told her no more questions and I held her toes back and dug my fingers into her ticklish feet. She was going berzerk! She bucked, jumped, thrashed, shook her head back and forth. She was screaming, laughing and howling," HAHAHAHAHAHA! HOHOHOHOHHOHO! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I! I! i! CAN'T HAHAHAHAHA TAKE NO MORE HOHOHOHOHO PLEEEEEEEASE I CAN'T CATCH MY BREATH AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU'RE TICKLING ME TO DEATH"!

I didn't care, I sat there hypnotized just tickling a beautiful pair of stockinged feet on a professional woman! I then did something that drove her crazy. I started to nibble on her ticklish toes and lightly gnaw her ticklish feet. Her toes were a little salty and sweaty but no way undesirable. Her feet were also sweaty and warm and these too were well worth the gnawing and nibbling. She was really super ticklish! She was just as insane with laughter as when I tickled her with my fingers. Finally after 10 grueling minutes I stopped.

I and she was spent! She gasped, breathingn heavy, panting as was her face beet red, hair wet, sweaty and eyes flooding.

She pleaded that I be done but I told her I still had papers to sign and I had to make sure the pen worked. She didn't understand till I got the pen, sat back down and picked up her feet again. She begged," OH MY NO! NOT THE PEN! NOT THE PEN! PLEASE MICHAEL THAT WILL SURLEY TICKLE ME TO DEATH"!

I responded sadistically,' I'm sure you'll pass out way before then but it won't be from lack of trying". I then held her toes back and drew little circles around her soles and balls of her feet! She was going nuts again. She tried evrything in her power to stop this madness and that's when I looked over my left shoulder and I was in shock and I stopped. It was Mr. Long and her husband.

"JUST WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE"? Barked Mr. Long! Then her husband said," we heard this commotion all the way in the parking lot, cripe we thought someone was being tortured to death"!

Mayor Lucas answered," it was a harmless game that got a little out of control......", I interupted and said jokingly,'" well you did say she had to whatever to keep me...................."

The mayor's husband interupted me and said," I see you have a foot fetish for my wife and she is very ticklish however I am not going to let this go"!

I was scared now. I though what to myself? Prosecution, jail, law suits, what would become of me? I asked apprehensively," what are you going to do"?

He answered," you did what I've been trying to do for years. TIE AND TICKLE MY WIFE.  I have no idea how you tricked her but after all these years I never could, if you wrestle as good as you are tricky this should be a great show".

He then said," I'll forget everything if you let us join you".

What could I say. I got lightheaded and had to pinch myself but this was for real. Then her husband said,"how 'bout it Mr. Long interested"?

Shockingly this strict individual said in that serious stern voice," sure Bob why not"? He then added", I wouldn't mind tickling a beautiful lady tonight besides I love the sound of her laugh".

I told them to join in and I appreciated everything.

Mrs. Lucas was panicking and pleading. She tried everything to get out of this situation. Mr. Long went up to her elbows and kneeled over them pinning them down, her husband Bob knelt over her waist, I myself layed over her ankles.

Bob said begin and he dug into his poor ticklish wife's ribs while Mr. Long tickled her armpits, especially that area just above the ribs and below the pit. As far as myself I layed there, over her ankles, and once again started nibbling her sweet ticklish stockinged toes and used that pen to tickle her ticklish stockinged soles.


She tried frantically to break free but unlike before this time she was immobile and being tickled senseless. They dug into her upper body like crazy and her husband even reached around and tickled her thighs which sent her into gales of hysterical laughter.

We did this for about an hour and then we stopped. Mrs. Lucas was shaking like a bowl of jello. She frantically tried to catch her breath, beg us to stop and untie her.  We got up and I looked down at her. She was purple in the face, eyes flooded with water, hair soaking wet and sweat poured down her face. As far as her stockings well they had massive runs, especially on the toes and soles, from the pen and my teeth.

We untied her and we sat her in a chair. Her husband got her a wet cloth and Mr. Long got her a glas of water. After she regained her composure I left. I never heard her yell or scold her husband and Mr. Long.

I read our city newspaper the next week to see if there was a write-up on the wrestling benefit and what I found surprised me. It wasn't the aticle on the event but what I read in the police blotter. One of the entries stated," police were called to investigate loud hysterical laughing sounds but there search turne up nothing".

Funny thing is the nearest house to City Hall is over a mile away.
A fantasy I had for our cities first female mayor.
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Great stuff.
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Thank you! Glad you liked it.
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Sorry about it! I started this story a few days ago and I hit the wrong button and lost it. I had to do some manuervering to be able to finish it! Now it is done!!!!
rajee Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No worries. Suspense is a good thing.
osco89 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009
Just curious how much of the story was left out while I was working on it?
rajee Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It stopped here: I told her I took a reflexology course and I could tell if these were a perfect fit or not. She gave me one and I
osco89 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2009
Wow! I had no idea that the story was visible while I was writing it.
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