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This was way back in "82". I was a senior and not going to college. So for two years I enrolled in a Vocational School. I took up heating and refrigeration repair. This was a two year course so I started in "81" during my Junior year.

The day was simple. Half a day at home School and half at the Vocational School. My Junior year was the first half home and the second at the Vocational and my Senior year the opposite. This is where I met my wife anyways.............

I use to run the parts and tool dept. and I use to go up to the front to check on incoming parts and suppies and that is where I met "Kathy". She was the Vocational School Receptionist and in charge of mail and shipments.

Kathy was a pretty woman in her later 40's. She was about 5'5", black curly shoulder length hair, always wore a beautiful dress, tan stockings and these dressy wooden sandles that the strap ran up her ankle. She was very appealing and lovely.

I wanted to know if she was ticklish or not but during my Junior year I hardly spoke or saw her because the Senior in the morning before I got there in the afternoon pretty much took care of all part, shipments and repair bills.

My Senior year was different. I was there in the morning so I got to go up and see Kathy quite a bit. She use to drive me crazy with the way she sat, talked and crossed her legs. I know she had to catch me sneaking stares at her stockinged feet in those sandles. She would flex her foot back and flex her stockinged toes in the sandles too.

We had a great relationship and a comical one too. I would come up and we would flirt and tease one another. She would sometimes poke me or give me little pinches so I told myself and her that I would get her back for all these pokes and pinches.

That day finally happened! I walked up to the front office to make some photo copies of bills and receipts. The copier was out of paper. Now the copying machine was in the back behind hers and the main office. Very secluded from everyone.

Kathy came back and said teasingly," awe poor Mikey, let the professionals fix it for you". I couldn't let this go. So while she was putting the paper into the feeder I got on the subject of her sandles and how attractive they were.

She jokingly said," Michael are we into women's clothing aswell"?

I responded," no not at all, I just know my sister would love a pair like that, may I see one"?

She told me," I'm not taking it off I'll bring one in tomorrow and you can look at it".

I pleaded with her and finally she met me half way. She refused to remove her shoe but she lifted her left ankle up to me to look at it. I knelt down and as I was checking it out I saw she had such a dainty little foot. A size 4 1/2 to 5 with red nail polish and encased in tan stockings.

I then tempted to untie that strap around her ankle. She knew what I was doing and she reached down, while trying to pull her foot away, and prevent me from doing it. That's when I saw my moment.

Her arch was totally exposed in the sandle so I took my right finger and tickled it! She let out with loud laughter and begged me to stop.  How could I. I told her,"this is for teasing me". I tickled her for about 20 seconds or so while she laughed, begged me to stop and tried to pull away. I was totally surprised that no one heard us. I let her gorgeous foot go and as I stood up she turned to the machine and I quickly tickled her sides. She jumped, belted out a laugh and turned and tried to prevent me from tickling her. She said to me, " please Mikey no more I'm horribly ticklish everywhere".

I smiled and told her, "becareful about teasing me now that I know your weakspot". She winked, smiled and handed me the copies. I took them and left.

The year went on and nothing much more happened about tickling Kathy then I graduated.

It was about 15 years later, when I was heavy into powerlifting, I would go to this weightlifting store and the owner I talked to had the same exact name as Kathy. Turns out it was his wife. I asked how she was doing and he said fine and that she occasionally works there too. I stopped up quite a bit but never ran into her.

Still that was one great Senior year.
This was a slightly failed foot tickle on a School Receptionist. It's only fair that if I write of my successes that I include some failures too.
rajee Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You still got a chance to tickle her arch.

Thanks for sharing. :D
osco89 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009
Your welcome and yea I realize it wasn't a total failure and believe me I was pleased with the result.
rajee Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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