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This is no biggie or great deal but I figure I tell the story behind it.

I came into our bedroom and saw her warm, soft barefeet just resting on the bed. It drove me crazy, I mean nutty. So I got my cell phone and asked if I could take a photo or two of her bare feet.

Confused and wondering she asked why. I asked her if she liked the little photos I text her with ideas of me tickling her and teasing her. She responded that she did. I told her that I would take a few photos of her bare feet and then send her a text photo back with a funny message. Shockingly she agreed.

I took many photos and when she asked what was taking so long I told her the camera wasn't working but I kept taking photos and deleting the ones that were out of focus or blurred do to her moving her feet or trying to look down to see what I was up to.

Despite what I was doing she didn't seem to object so this was a great sign of things to come.

That was the photo story now for the tickling part.

She was trying to relax and watch TV and I started to use the green feather on her soles and she really didn't respond but when I hit her inner arch and toes she writhed, wriggled and pulled her foot away. She really wasn't in the mood but her feet were ticklish especially the toes. I sawed the feather in between them and she giggled, laughed and scolded me and then yanked her feet away. I even put a pillow below and on top so I could take photos and make it look like bondage.

I then put down the feather and ran my index finger over her soft, sensative feet and soles and she kept pulling them away saying,"hey hey Mike stop tickling me, I'm trying to watch tv and relax pleeeeeeease", but I kept right on tickling her feet with my finger and taking the photos and she kept kicking me and pulling away.

I finished after about ten minutes and posted the photos from my cell phone.

If we are alone this weekend I plan on getting her in the stocks and maybe a nylon and removal tickle.

I hope this little story behind tonight was satisfactory and thank you for all the great comments on the cell phone photos
Just a quick telling of this spontanious time tonight
rajee Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool.
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rajee Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your welcome
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