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Last weekend we were both cutting the grass. After we got done we came in and I showered and she bathed. We were alone and she asked for a back rub. I told her, jokingly, if I could tie her to the bed like I did that one time before. She didn't want to. Then I suggested going downstairs. She still refused. I told her that if she did I would give her a major back rub. Shockingly she agreed. I then asked if she had any skin lotion or oil? She asked why and I told her that I wanted to massage it into her feet. She told me it was all gone and she'd have to buy more.

We went downstairs to the toolroom and I inserted the stocks into my weightbench. I then put a cushion from a patio chair over the padding on the bench so it would be comfortable. I put a chair at the head of the bench with a pillow for her head.

She came into the toolroom and I helped her on the bench. I took her hands and tied them above her head and around the back of the chair. I then placed her ankles in the stocks and closed the top down on them. I couldn't find the pin to lock them down so I had to be careful.

There she was in the stocks, feet clean and still warm and soft.

I got my tools. The electric toothbrush, the feather, a small and large brand new paintbrushes and of course my cell phone.

I took the feather and pulled it in between her toes and her toes scrunched and she pulled back at the stocks and was giggling. I teased all ten of her toes like that. I took some photos of that and I had to delete alot of them because she thrashed so fast and flexed her toes that the pics came in blurry.

I then got the electric toothbrush and turned it on. She asked, like the other time, what that buzzing noise was and I told her. She was apprehensive and her feet stiffened for the inevitable. With cell phone camera ready I hit her foot and she jumped and laughed. I danced the toothbrush all over both feet with one hand while taking pics with the other one holding the cell. She desperatley tried to get out of the stocks as I tickled and tickled with it.

I then used both sets of paintbrushes, one at a time. She said that she liked them because although the bristles tickled they felt good. I kept brushing her soft, warm feet to her enjoyable reactions. I tried to take photos of that too.

Her feet flexing was so stunning and sensuous this time that I put the camera and brushes down and immediatley started to, again, lickle and suck her toes. When my teeth and tongue hit them she was going crazy by wriggling and flexing them frantically as I used all ten fingers to tickle her feet. She was giggling a pleasant giggle and laughing a nice, sweet pleasant laugh and wanting me to pleeease stop.

All this lasted about ten minutes or so.

Afterwards I got up and it was a good thing because she managed to untie her wrists. I removed the stocks, helped her up, and we went upstairs.

I gave her a looooooooooooong 40 minute back rub with occasional rib and side tickles just to tease her.  

I then, at a later time, posted the pics that came in clear.

So there it is, the whole story. Pics and all. I sure hope you enjoy it.
I took and posted all those photos of my wife's soft, ticklish feet in the stocks getting tickled and never told the actual story behind it. Well here it is I hope you enjoy reading it.
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Thank you good friend
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Another enjoyable story.
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Thank you
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Sure thing. :)
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