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This happened about a year ago and it really blew my mind. Because even though she isn't very ticklish on her feet. This one momentous time she was.

We were alone one evening and I asked if I could tie her to the bed. She asked why and I told you,"you know why".

She was reluctant at first but after practically begging she gave in and we went into the bedroom.

I told her I wasn't going to tie her where she would feel uncomfortable or anything. She asked what I was going to do and I showed her.

I took some clothes line and gently tied her wrists together in front of her and then layed her on her back on the bed. Now I positioned her at an angle with her head facing the top right part of the bed and I had her down far enough so I could dangle her legs over the left side of the bottom part of the bed. With the back of her knees perfectly bent over the bed I then tied her ankles together to the bed leg.

There she was. Her feet totally trapped and just inches off the ground.

I immediatley layed on the floor and got some skin lotion and rubbed it all over her soles, arches and heels. I left the toes alone, I had other ideas for them.

She was getting nervous and wanted to know why I was doing this. I told her not to worry and she said,"that gives me plenty to worry about then".

Just then she heard that familiar buzzzzz, it was the auto toothbrush, the very same one I used last week in the stocks, anyways when that toothbrush hit that soft, lotioned skin on her rigth foot. She jumped and yelled out a laugh and for me to stop!

I just kept doing it. I watched her right foot frantically try to escape and her left foot try to come to the rescue. I just kept that toothbrush dancing all over her right foot.

I stopped, not because she begged me to, but I wanted to do the left one.

This one I did different. I started to lickle her toes and as they wiggled in my mouth I used the toothbrush on her sole. Her foot danced and her toes flexed. I then put the toothbrush down, grasped her foot with both hands and lickled and used my tongue in between her toes.

By this time she was jumpimg and giggling and laughing outloud and saying,'don't you believe in giving me a break, pleeeeease hahhahaha"?

I eventually did give her a break. I used my finges on her soft feet and a feather in between the toes as I layed there, on the floor, watching and smiling as her feet reacted to the different tickling techniques and listening to her giggle, laugh and beg.

After about 10 minutes she pleaded for me to stop and I did. I untied her helped her up and asked her if she enjoyed it. She just looked at me and said,'you are mean, never again, get me a wash cloth so I can wipe this oil off my feet".

I offered to do it but she said,"absolutley not"

Well I guess I found out my answer about tying her that way again because I asked her last weekend if I could tie her like that to the bed again. Instead she ended up in the stocks and this is how all these pics got taken.

So that was how it all started and this is the rest of the experience.
This time was a different tickle approach that she said she never wanted to get into again. I posted this in one of the tickling forums. This is actually a prelude to how she ended up in the stocks.
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Sounds like a hoot. :D
osco89 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
Oh it was, it was
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