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"Michael you need to drop a few pounds and lay off the beer so we can get that cholesterol and pressure down", Dr. Wills told me my Cardiologist.

Dr. Wills is a 49 year old female. She is very petite, about 5'6", and about 105 lbs., short black hair, designer glasses. Wears a dress top, black slacks, white lab coat, black loafers and either black or tan nylons. This drives me crazy!

I asked her what her goals for me were. She told me to drop at least 15 lbs., lower my cholesterol by 50 points and drop my pressure by 15 in 3 months because that was my next scheduled appointment.

I  told her I needed some incentive. She asked what I would need. I went for broke and told her that if I did good I get to rub and tickle her feet at the end of the day.  She gave me a strange look. She asked, " why would you want to touch my feet, couldn't we just go to dinner or find something else"?

I told her," no not really, do we have a deal"? At first she was reluctant but I could see that she thought I wouldn't be able to accomplish this. So she agreed.

Well I tell you I went to it hard. I walked, strength trained, ate healthy, etc. till the day came. Two day before I had bloodwork done to determne my cholesterol and other numbers. These results would be faxed to her office. Then came the day!

I made my appointment on Friday and the very last one. I brought with me a bag with tickling tools just in case I won. I left the bag in the car and went to her office and sat in the waiting room. I was a nervous wreck. I knew by just thinking of tickling her stockinged feet was rising my pressure!

The nurse called me and I went down the hall. First stop the scale. I got on and I had dropped 18 lbs. 3 more than she asked for. That was one down now to the room and se what transpires next!

I waited in the room and in came Dr. Wills. She was wearing a black top, black slacks, white lab coat, tan stockings and black loafers. She looked at my blood work and my cholesterol was down 56 points, 6 more than she wanted. She was pleased then came the pressure. She took it and asked me if I was nervous. I told her I was but I didn't tell her the reason why.

She looked at the results and despite being extremely nervous it was down 18 points, 3 more than she wanted! "I DID IT! I DID IT", I thought to myself!

I got off the table and she hugged me and said she loved a success story. She told me to make another appointment in about 3 monthes. She was about to walk out of the room and I interupted and asked,"what about our deal"?

She responded," you weren't serious about that were you"?

I told her yes and why else would I make the last appointment on Friday. She started to make excuses like," my feet are sweaty and smelly", " the staff is still here", "it wouldn't look right", etc.

I told her I would go and wait in my truck and when the offices shut down at 5:00 just tell the staff you have paperwork to do. I'll come up at 5:30and we can fulfill our deal.

Finally she agreed so I went to my truck and waited. It seemed like an eternity but 5:30 finally came. I took the elevator up to the fifth floor, walked down the hall and knocked on her door. She opened it and in I walked with bag in hand.

She asked about the bag and I told her it was a change of clothes for afterward, in case she wanted to go to dinner. Then she asked me what all was involved and I told her just to relax and that the "Doctor is in".

She rolled her eys and giggled then I led her to the stress test room. In this room there is a table long table that you lay on and they do heart scans and tests. On this particular table there is a big, cushioned strap that goes around your chest and another that goes around your ankles. When I had this test done that it was caused me to want to tickle her like this!

She stood there and I grabbed some clean sheets and told her to put her arms at her side. Her eyes widened as I wrapped her like A mummy. She was a little scared and concerened but I told her that it was fun and nothing to worry about and besides we had a deal.

I then went to my bag, got some duct tape and proceeded to wrap her up. I wrapped her at her chest, waist, thighs, knees and ankles. I then lifted her onto the table and put the strap around her chest and the othe raround her ankles. I taped her good-n-tight. THERE SHE WAS IN THE POSITION I WANTED HER IN AND I WAS FINALLY GOING TO TICKLE HER FEET AND IN NYLONS TOO!

My blood pressure was sky-rocketing especially when I started to slowly remove her slip-ons. She was getting anxiuos and started to plead for me not to. I removed them and just stared in awe! Her feet were a beautiful size 6 and in tan nylons. They were soft, sweaty, pink, well taken care of and starting to writhe in anticipation!

I took both my index fingers and slowly tickled her stockinged soles. She jerked, flexed her feet, laughed and said,"I, I, I HAVE A FEELING THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG NIGHT"!

I took the nylon by her toes and pulled it back, totally exposing her stockinged feet. Her feet were now vulnerable and available to my tickling wishes. I scrambled my fingers all over her beautiful, ticklish feet and she went crazy, looked down at me and screamed," NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STHAHAHAOP PLEEEEASE HAHAHAHA NOT THERE HAHAHAHAHA NO NO HA HA HO HO HO FAIR, AT LEAST LET ME HO HO HO WIGGLE MY FEEEEEEET HAHAHAHAHAHA"!

All I could say was," awe Dr. Wills is ticklish, kootchy kootchy koooooooooo".

After 20 minutes I stopped and she was out of breath and gasping. She begged me to stop and I told her I was only beginning. I then snipped and removed the nylon from her right foot and in fear of being tickled right away she began to wiggle her bare foot and bring the other one over for defense and I wasn't even touching them yet!

I reached into my bag of goodies and produced a large, stiff, red feather and showed it to her. Her eyes popped out and she asked in fear," WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT"?

I answered sadistically," what do you think", and I pulled up a chair I could hear her pleading,"NO, NO NOT THAT, YOU WOULDN'T, YOU COULDNT, NOT WITH THAT"!

I sat and took the feather and ran it around her ticklish bare foot. She twitched a little but when I pulled it between her toes she went crazy again with laughter. I sat there and had her guessing when I would pull the feather between her toes again. She was beside herself because she had no idea when I would torture her toes.

It was driving her crazy because I would taunt her and she looked down at me and pleaded,"MICHAEL, MICHAEL PLEASE STOP THIS, EITHER TICKLE ME OR NOT"! That's when I took the feather grasped her foot around the arch and ran the feather through her bare toes. She was frantic," HAHAHAHAHAHA NO NO NO MORE PLEASE HAHAHAHAOHHOHOHOHOHO"! She desperatley tried to use her stockinged foot for defense but it didn't do any good.

Another 20 minutes and I stopped again. I now removed her other nylon and she was getting concerned. I told her I was now going to kiss and nibble her succulant bare toes while tickling her feet! She tried frantically to break out of the mummy bondage. I walked up to her and said," DR. Wills you were right, it's going to be a long night".

I then went to the sink and got a cup of water and some soap. I then went to my bag and got an electric toothbrush and turned it on and off real quick. She heard the buzzing and yelled," MICHAEL NOW WHAT THE HECK DO YOU HAVE"?

I told her," a little help", and I put the toothbrush in the water and then on the bar of soap. lathered it up well. I leaned over her toes and started nibbling and kissing them. She went nuts again but when I turned the toothbrush back on and hit the balls and soles of her feet she was going berzerk! She sounded like she was demon possesed. Begging, screaming and laughing hysterically,"HA! HA!HA! HA!HA! HA! STOP! HO!HO!HO! HO! YOUR KILLING ME HA!HA!HA!HA!"! I occasionally stopped to re-lather the toothbrush and attack other sensative, ticklish areas on her feet.

I then went down and lightly gnawed on her soft, round heels and she was totally insane with hysteria as I continued with the toothbrush all over her ticklish feet! I loved it when I tickled her right foot and her left tried frantically to come to the aid and defend the right foot and visa-versa.

Then I got even more diabolicle. I held her opposite foot back so she couldn't defend the tickled one. I sent her into mass hysteria when I lightly gnawed on the balls of her feet and her sensative arches. She was desperate and pleaded with me," HA!HA!HA! MICHAEL AT LEAST LET ME DEFEND MY HA!HA!HA! FEET SOMEHOW, PLEASE, STOP YOU'RE KILLING HAHAHAHAHAHA MEEEEEE, HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAHAHA"!

I switched back and forth from foot to foot every 5 minutes or so. I eventually stopped the tickling after an hour. Her laughter was deep and her voice was raspy. She was sweaty, face red as a tomato and nearly passing out. I stopped and gave her a 5 minute break.

She asked and begged to be done but I told her I had one more thing to do. I had to kiss, nibble and lick her feet. I wanted to go full circle. She pleaded and begged for me not to. I told her I had to so I kissed, nibbled and licked every inch of her toes and feet while giving them small light little tickles.
She moaned a little and she giggled, but these giggles were one of enjoyment and not torture.

I finished finally and started to untie her. I let her regain her composure, catch her breath and rest. While she did this I returned the soap and dumped the cup of water in the sink. I put the sheets into the laundry basket. Put the cut duct tape, feather and toothbrush in the bag. I even put her cut nylons in my bag as a reminder and souvineer of this glorious night.

After about 15 minutes I helped her up and she asked about her nylons. I told her that they were my special reminder of tonight. She looked at me and said," I never met anyone like you".

I asked her what she meant and she explained," I'm not bragging but I have a lot of good qualities about me and on my body and you choose my feet and not only that but to tie and tickle me to death...........that's what I mean". I smiled and said that she was right. I asked her if she had fun and she said loudly in a sarcastic way,"NOOOOOOOOO"! I could tell she enjoyed it somewhat.

We left and I offered to take her to dinner and pay for it. Surprisingly she said yes. We went to a nice restaurant and sat and before dinner we talked and laughed. She commented how weird it felt not having nylons on in her shoes and that the shoes made her feet feel weird.

I told her," well just give them to me and I'll tend to them again".
A fantasy I had for tickling my Cardiologist during visits.
rajee Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great story.
osco89 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2009
Thank you! The next one will be the true time I tickled her feet after an appointment. In fact there were two.
rajee Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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