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It was another typical morning for Eric, the owner of Eric's Beauty Spa in New York. Eric specialized in alot of beauty treatments but his speciality and what his place was known for was manicures and pedicures. Countless times he would sit in his office, doing work, and hear the laughter of some woman getting a pedicure and it tickling her feet so bad that she was totally hysterical. This was why he made the appointments. He wanted to be sure that the ones who were super ticklish would be there when he was available. He not only heard these women's laughter but he use to witness and sometimes give a pedicure when he needed to.

This one morning, while in his office, he put on his favorite show "Live With Regis and Kelly" and watched it. He wasn't interested so much in the show itself but for Ms. Kelly Ripa-Consuellos. He always had a major foot tickle fetish for her and deep down inside all he could do was fantasize by his drawings, members from different fetish forums drawing her for him, clips, stories etc.. He watched the show and she looked extremely good and as fate would have it he would have to help out his staff with some pedicures. They were overbooked and so he went to help.

This one woman, a Nancy Torred, asked for Eric specifically. So Eric did his routine. He pampered and soaked her feet. Got them clean, warm and soft. He then began with the brush and this woman laughed and kicked the whole time. He stopped to do her nails and Regis and Kelly were on in the beauty room. He made the comment,"I wish I could get someone like Kelly in here, it would be so good for business".

Nancy spoke up and asked,"really? It just so happens I know her booking agent here in New York. I am having lunch with him at "Vini's" you know the place"?

Eric pretended like he ate there all the time so he asked if he could come just for an introduction and propose to the agent about Kelly. Nancy said that she didn't see a problem with this and she told him to be there a 1:15 pm and the reservation was under her last name Torred. Eric finished her and couldn't believe he had a possibilty, though very slim, to not only actually meet Kelly but to give her a pedicure....HIS WAY.

The hours till the luncheon seemed like centuries but it was time to go. He drove to Vini's and was prompt. He arrived at 1:15 and asked for "the Torred Party". The Maitradee showed him to there table. He arrived and was introduced to Kelly's booking agent. Nancy explained that he wanted to know if Kelly would have a pedicure at his establishment. Her agent asked what where the conditions and that she is very busy.

Erixc explained,"this is strictly a win/win situation for both. It won't cost her anything and she can come alone after the parlor is closed so she can have pricavy and no public interference. All I hope for is is that she gives a good recommendation on her show". Eric didn't want to pressure the agent so he finished by saying,"Mrs. Torred thank you for this opperatunity and it's nice to meet you to sir, here is my card I hope you and MS. Ripa- Consuellos consider it. Have a good day", and he left. He realized he never got her agents name but he left feeling like he gave it his only shot. He returned back to his place of buisness and the day went on. It was the same until around 4:30 that afternoon.

The phone rang and Eric's secretary told him he had a phone call. He answered and the voice said," Eric this is Tony. Ms Ripa's booking agent. We met at lunch. Ms. Ripa is interested in the publicity. She wants to know if later on this evening will be to short of notice"?

Eric gulped and in a excited, high pitched voice responded,"no, no not at all. She is welcome anytime thank you, thank you". Eric couldn't believe this. He was goping to give her a pedicure and maybe get a tickle or two in.

The agent continued,"to avoid any publicity or any public interference Ms. Ripa will arrive and enter alone at around 7:00. Your establishment will be closed correct"?


Tony then told him,"ok she'll see you then".

Eric could not believe this. His chance paid off and his dream coming true. Not only was she coming to his place but alone. He didn't want to blow this opperatuniy to tickle Kelly so he worked on a plan. He made up a new name tag, instead of Eric he would be Ray G. on the cleaning staff only Kelly Ripa wouldn't know this. She would think he was the pedicurist.

Finally 7:00 pm rolled around and there was a knock at the back door. He amnswered it and it was Kelly Ripa-Consuellos in person and in front of him! The three security guards stood there with her and she told them to go. She walked in an Eric introduced himself as Ray G.and she did the same. She asked where Eric was and he said,"well Eric had some last minute business and since I'm his best pedicurist I would begin until he returned". She agreed and in she came.

Eric saw what she was wearing. She was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and flip-flops. Eric showed her around and chatted with her. He asked her if she wanted to get started. She said yes and she was bubbly, friendly and a jokester. Eric felt at ease and started to tease and joke back with her. He took her to the wash room where he sat her down and got the warm, soapy water ready. He knelt down and removed her flip-flops. He placed her feet into the warm water and began to soak and wash them. He touched her arch and she yellped," OH HA HA HA  CAREFUL. LITTLE BIT TICKLISH", and she kicked some water on him and smiled. Eric told her that he had ways of geting people back.

Kelly said,"You know Ray I hear this all the time. I tell you what give me your best pedicure and prank,  nothing surprises me anymore. Eric thought to himself,"we will see Kelly, we will see". He then placed slippers om her feet and escorted her out. He took her to a different room from where the pedicures were given. This room had a special chair in it. He used this chair on girlfriends and willing customers. This chair had leather straps that hung from the armrests at the bicep, elbow and wrist areas. Straps around the chest and waist and around the thighs, knees and ankles. On the foot rest part of it was a metal bar that ran over the ankles and had screws on it. This was used to tie the toes back. Once in this chair the woman was totally immobolized and now he had Kelly Ripa just inches away from this chair.

He sat her in the chair that layed back. He placed a warm towel over her eyes and forehead so she couldn't see what he was up to. For all she knew it was part of the proceedure. Once she was relaxed he played it cool. He walked up and with her arms on the rests he quickly and gently place the leather straps around her arms and tied them a little loose at first. Kelly didn't catch on till he did her legs and strapped them in. She still not being able to see asked,"what's going on Ray"? He responded,"nothing Ms. Ripa you'll see", and he quickly tightened all the straps and then did the ones on her body. He removed the towel and Kelly now saw she was tied in this chair.

She exclaimed,"RAY WHAT IS THIS CONTRAPTION? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? PLEASE LET ME GO"! Eric responded,"Well Kelly you told me to give it my best well here it is", and with that Eric pulled up a chair by Kelly's feet. THIS WAS THE MOMENT HE WAS WAITING FOR. THERE HE WAS INCHES FROM HER BEAUTIFUL FEET! HE SLOWLY REMOVED THE SLIPPERS AND STARED IN AMAZEMENT! THE ADMIRER FINALLY MET HIS IDOL! THERE THEY WERE RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! THEY WERE MORE BEAUTIFUL THEN HE THOUGHT THEY WOULD BE AND THEY DIDN'T NEED A PEDICURE BUT THEY NEEDED TO BE TICKLED, WHICH HE WAS DEFINATELY GOING TO DO! He then took some rubber bands and gently tied Kelly's toes from her left foot to the screws to the bar above the ankle. He left one foot free to wiggle and one totally immobile. Despite her pleas he got up and went to the closet in the room where he kept his goodies.

He then wheeled out this cart and Kelly could hear the rattle of metal instruments bouncing in the metal tray. Kelly shocked tried to look down as Eric wheeled it closer. It was like a scene out of a old horror movie. The mad doctor with the experiments and the damsel in distress tied and at his mercy. Eric wheeled the cart next to Kelly's feet and he went up to Kelly's head. She asked fearfully," what, what are you going to do with me Ray"?

He told her,"Relax Ms. Kelly Ripa-Consuellos, you wanted my best and this you shall have. Since you let your weakspot out, the one where your feet are ticklish, I figure I would exploit that for yours and my enjoyment", and with that said Eric went to Kelly's feet and sat in the chair. In his tray on the cart he had the following tickle-torture items: Bobby pins, feathers, a fork, comb, bottle brush, sonic toothbrush and even dental floss. He held up every item and showed her these things. Kelly was frantic as she begged for him to let her go. There was no way  he was going to do this. Now she was tied, bare foot, he had his tool and now the moment he waited for was finally here!

He took a large, stiff, red feather and on her left foot with the toes tied back he sawed the feather on the skin in between them. Kelly's poor tied foot instantly tried to flex and fight as the feather drove her mad. She begged,"heeheehee pleeease no more Ray heeheehee", he didn't stop. He just kept tickling with the feather all over her foot with precision like a surgeon with a scalpel. Her reactions to the feather were incredible. Eric then took his left hand and with his fingers played with and tickled Kelly's toes on her right foot. Her right foot was flexing and wiggling. He got the floss and slowly pulled it between her toes on her right foot. her toes wiggled like mad but could not stop the torment. She was laughing harder now.

He stopped and Kelly thought that maybe he was done but he wasn't. He now took a bobby pin and used it to tickle the sole of her tied left foot. He ran that bobby pin over Kelly's sole and she jumped and screamed,"NO!NO!NO!NO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHOHOHOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAHA PLEEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAAHAHASE NO MORE NO MORE", but Eric didn't listen. It fell on deaf ears as he tickled Kelly's foot. He then put the boby pin, feather and floss back into the tray and scrabbled his ten fingers onto both of her soft, ticklish, bare feet. "NO! NO !NO! NO! NOT THAT, NOT MY FEET PLEEEEEEASE SOMEONE HOHOHOHOHO HEEEEEEEELP HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH OHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA", but Eric just used his fingers as if he were playing the piano. He was smiling and really enjoying her reactions as his fingers danced on them.

He stopped and then got his bottle brush and used it on her untied right foot and tickled her arch and instep. Kelly was shrieking with laughter and screaming for him to stop,"PLEHAHAHAHAHAHSE STHAHAHAHAHOP RAAAAAAYYYYYYY YOU HAHAHAHA WIN YOU HAHAHAHAHA WIN"!

Eric didn't want to win he wanted to fulfill this fantasy. To him he was tickling the best feet in the whole world and SHE WAS INSANELY TICKLISH! He now stopped to give her a break and he peeked up at her. He only tickled her a half hour and she was gasping for breath and whispering to herself,"pleeease no more he's tickling me to death, please no more". Eric walked up and smiled at her. He wiped her eyes and foreheaf. She begged him to stop. He told her,"well Ms Ripa I'd love to but I told your agent that you would get the "SPECIAL" treatment. You wouldn't want me to dissapoint now would you". and with that he returned to his chair and more diabolicle ticklings were in store.

He reached into his tray and got his Sonic toothbrush, he turned it on and the buzz made Kelly's eyes pop out and try to stare down. She saw him hold it up and he hit the ball of her tied left foot. Kelly went berzerk. She tried frantically to wiggle and flex that poor, tied ticklish foot as her right foot desperatley tried to fend off the tickle attack, but it did no good. The maddening sensation of those vibrating brisltes sent Kelly into gales of agonized and hysterical laughter, while she pulled, tugged and fought the bondage. Eric was enjoying this immenseley. He used his favorite instrument over every spot on her bound foot and even in between her tied toes which drove her to the brink. He asked her if she was enjoying her "special" pedicure. She didn't answer, she just lay there laughing and laughing hysterically.

He stopped after another half hour but his time no break he got his comb and fork and went to her free foot. He told Kelly as she again gasped and pleaded,"don't worry Kelly I'm not going to ignore this other foot and besides at least this foot can wiggle and flex. Eric was already excited by the immobility of her tied foot but now he wanted to see what a free and writhing foot was like.

He took the fork and comb and carefully and slowly poked and stroked her free bare foot. But now he noticed something different about Kelly. Her free bare foot was wiggling and writhing like crazy, her toes flexing and wriggling and her laughter was just as agonizing and hysterical but instead of bucking, jumpimng, fighting and begging she layed there still with her mouth wide oped laughing hysterically. She was totally in his power.

After about an hour he stopped and let her catch her breath. He slowly untied her and let her rest. She sat up and stared at him. He brought her water and a clean towel. He asked her,"well so have you seen it all? How was this prank"?

Kelly said,"It was a sneaky  trick besides where is your boss at? I thought he would be back by now to give me the pedicure and to stop you from this prank. What if I told him or anyone what you did"?

Eric told Kelly,"I'll make you a deal Ms. Ripa. I have all this on video tape. If you don't say anything or do anything I'll destroy the tape and no one outside you and me knows this happened". Kelly knodded her head in agreement and called for her ride and security. Eric was so satisfied by fulfilling his fantasy but he was concerned about the next day.

He quickly cleaned up, took the instrument tray out to his car, hid the chair in the vacant building next door. He did have a tape but he would never sell or destroy it.

The next morning he was going to open up and there were two men in suits waiting for him. They said they were investigating strange noises that were reported last night. Eric invited tehm in and he asked waht the noises were. The detectives told him that the police dept. got a lot of calls that people heard loud, hysterical laughter coming from this vicinity. Eric said that he didn't hear anything and that his cleaning guy Ray G was here and he would ask him when he saw him next. The detectives were satisfied and left.

Eric was relieved but wanted to watch "Live With Regis and Kelly". It was time and he went into his office to watch and see what was going to be said. Well it started and Regis asked Kelly,"I heard you got a free pedicure yestrerday maybe I ought to go for a freebee"?

Kelly answered,"  No Regis this wouldn't be for you, believe me".

Regis asked,"Well Kelly how was it"?

Kelly answered,"I'll put it to you this way, he used things I never knew you could use".

Regis asked,"Really did they work"?

Kelly responded,"Oh yes, see", and Kelly immediately took her right foot out of her shoe and flexed it right in front of Regis and in the camera. Regis grabbed it and ran his fingers over her sole and said,"wow so smooth, are we ticklish", and he tickled her sole.

She laughed, yanked her foot away and said," you know I am Regis and I think Ray knows too", and Kelly looked into the camera and gave a wink while Regis looked at the camera with a confused look as the audience laughed.
This is a story dedicated and written for one of my friends for all the work he has done for involving one of his favorite fantasies.
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