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Here is another foot tickle I had with Laura. Laura worked in her own little office down one of the main hall ways. Besides doing her normal job she was also in charge of safety equipment, forms, etc. for the plant workers.

One day on my lunch break I went to her office to order some steel toe boots. She was alone, filling out paperwork and told me to sit and wait. So I sat at the right side of her desk facing her.

Laura, that day as I remember, wore a dress top, dress slacks, black loafers and nude nylons which I was staring at and she knew I was too nevertheless I was there to place an order for new work boots and had no hope, plan or way of getting to tickle her that day, or so it seemed.

As she was writing down the descriptions her phone rang and she answered it. By the way she talked I could tell it wasn't an official call but a family member or friend. She was joking and teasing on the phone and I made some silly faces at her. She rolled back her chair a bit, turned to me and took her right foot and lightly kicked me in the shin.

I immediately grabbed her ankle and removed her shoe. She knew what was coming next and by her eyes and facial expression was begging me no to do the inevitable!

I took my right hand and with my fingers wiggled them on her stockinged sole! She got a real serious look on her face and sat straight up and glared at me but I kept on tickling her! After about a minute, I saw she was getting pink trying to maintain her composure, she put her hand over the phone and loudly whispered," I'M TALKING TO MY HUSBAND, WILL YOU STOP"?

I, sarcastically whispered back,"NO I WILL NOT", and I continued to tickle her sole. Finally after a few more minutes she hung up and instead of repremanding me or scolding me she said,"that was not only chancy of you but a little kinky. A plant worker tickling my foot while I'm on the phone with my husband".

I let go of her ankle and she slid her foot back into the loafer. I don't know what came over me but I then quickly grabbed her left ankle, removed the shoe and tickled her sole. This time she jumped in the chair, let out a quick scream of laughter, put her hand over her mouth and yanked her foot away.

"Boy", she said,"it was a good thing you guessed wrong when I was on the phone or it could have been disasterous"! I agreed and yet wish I had guessed right.

Well I placed the order and went back to the plant. She said it would have been disasterous if I guessed the right foot to tickle but I couldn't help think it would have been disasterous if the other office personal weren't out to lunch and walked by and might have seen what was going on!

Well anyways it all worked out and I fulfilled a tickle fantasy and that was to tickle a nyloned foot while a secretary was on the phone trying to concentrate!
Another and different foot tickle I had with Laura and it wasn't even planned.
rajee Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds like a blast. ^^
osco89 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011
This was! I remember this like it just happened and fate was on my side and to be honest I still have no idea how no one heard or caught it!
rajee Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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