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"That will do Capt. Gruber", said General Hessel," eventually the prisoner will say anything to stop the torment, we will continue on Sunday. It is way past midnight and I have a meeting this afternoon so we will continue then.

Capt. Gruber stopped the tickling on Dazzle's bare foot and I could see that she was at the point of passing out. She was frantically gasping for breath through the gag and shaking like jello.

The General looked over at Dazzle and said something shocking," don't worry Mrs. Adams, your commandos won't be alone Sunday. I promise you that you may not be there but they will recieve a warm welcome from my troops and as for you Capt. Peterson I suggest you learn to speak German because soon you will be".

We both knew what the Gen. meant. The commandos and the sub were heading for a trap and then after England, America was next.

Gruber got up and slowly put her shoes back on her feet deliberately teasing me. She then went to her case and pulled out a pair of slippers. I looked puzzled as she placed them on Dazzle's stockinged and bare foot.

"We wouldn't want these lovely feet to get cold now would we", asked Capt. Gruber," these slippers will keep your feet warm and soft until we meet again", then Capt. Gruber put a chair under Dazzle and slowly lowered her down into the chair. Still bound she was now sitting in a chair.

Gruber then removed the gag. "There now all comfy" said Gruber as her and the General walked out and before the cell door slammed behind them they shut off the lights except a dimmly lit bulb just above us.

Dazzle sat there looking like she was half dead. Her hair soaked with sweat, face turning three shades of red as she was coming out of it, her eyed red and watery and still gasping for air. This time with no gag she could breath a little easier.

I waited for her to regain her composure then I asked if she was alright and Dazzle assured me she was but I knew different. I then asked," how did they know so much about us, I mean from my secret tickling fetish to your whole mission, past and present"?

"I don't know", responded Dazzle," Last night I left the basement and went upstairs to dance and mingle.

Around 5:00 my target, Gen. Hessel arrived. I sat by the pig and flirted. I placed my leg on his lap and he massaged my knee. After a while he suggested we go back to his place for a drink. We did and when he suggested I pour the wine while he went into his room to change.

I put the drug into the glass of wine and he came out. He told me to take off my coat and boots. I went to the front door and did. When I came back we toasted and drank. A few minutes later I became drousy and passed out. Later I woke up in this cell, chained. He must have switched glasses when I was removing my coat and boots. There has to be a traitor somewhere in command but who"?

The rest of the night we tried to comfort each other and eliminate the suspects of who could betay us. Dazzle was totally sure it wasn't her husband because he was away when most of her missions were being discussed and she never told him about them. General Kirby was also eliminated because most of his assigments involved covert commando missions.

That only left four people. Pierre the underground leader, Col. Drake, Doctor Grant and even his assistant. It could have been all three, just two of them, anyone of them.

We continued all through the night and we could tell it was morning by the way the sunlight was peeking through the cell door window then suddenly the door opened and in walked in Capt. Gruber.

This time she was wearing a nice blouse, pants, hight heel shoes and nude stockings this time.

She was carrying a mat and her briefcase. She shut the door behind her and approached Dazzle. I told her," I thought you animals said you were coming back on Sunday".

Capt. Gruber responded," that's what the Gen. said and since there is hardly anyone here I figure I'd give it another shot so here we go".

She placed the gag back in Dazzle's mouth and hit the switch and Dazzle was slowly lifted off her chair and was hanging again with her wrists and ankles still in chains. She was stretched as tight as she could be. Capt. Gruber then placed the mat against the wall and under Dazzle's dangling feet.

Gruber then got a chair and place it by Dazzle's right foot. She again kicked off her shoes. She kneeled on the chair with her stockinged feet facing me. While facing Dazzle, she quickly turned and looked at me with a devilsih look and turned back and poked into Dazzle's underarms.

Dazzle went crazy! She desperately tried to stop this tickle torment but Capt. Gruber just continued to poke and stroke her armpits. I could only watch as Gruber tickled her and flexed her beautiful stockinged feet in front of me!

Then the diabolicle Capt. poked in the area right below the underarms and just above the ribs. Dazzle went berzerk! She was screaming in hysterical laughter through the gag! She tried to defend herself anyway she could. She tried to headbutt the Capt. but it did no good. She tried to bite and even spit at her but with the gag in place this did no good. Dazzle again was at the mercy of this evil Capt.

Gruber continued her tickle assault, tickling Dazzle all over her ribs and tummy. Dazzle, as if she were demon possesed, violently twisted and turned with every precise tickle that Gruber gave her with her fingernails.

Gruber just smiled as she tormented Dazzle's upperbody and watched her reactions. She just tickled away at Dazzle's helpless defenseless ribs, underarms, tummy and waist.

After about 1 hour or so Gruber stopped and got off the chair. She walked up and went behind me. She horrified me when she whispered seductively in my ear," Michael, you know on Sunday you and her are going to switch positions". I looked back at her with fear and she laughed," that was the look I was hoping for".

She continued on, "I will take great pleasure in tormenting you and please don't tell me that you aren't ticklish. I met alot of men who said that and found out how terribly ticklish they were. I know exactly where the male is ticklish and the spots that are..well the most severe and will drive you out of your mind".

She was heading back to Dazzle and continued,"let's face it Michael tickling was used as toture for centuries. The Chinese, the Romans. Catherine the Great used foot tickling as torture, Simon De Monfort use to tickle his prisoners to death by tickling the soles of their feet with feathers and even Vlad Dracul use to tie up prisoners and cover their feet with brine and let goats lick their soles driving them to hysteria, so you see this does work," as she went to the mat below Dazzle and laid on her back looking up at Dazzle's feet.

Gruber crossed her ankles, reached up, slowly removed the slippers and again started tickling her poor feet while she continued to flex and wrinkle her stockinged feet in front of me! Gruber looked down at me and said, " all you have to do is talk. You see what she is going through, you will get it worse and besides you know what your reward will be if you cooperate".

Dazzle was going insane again. Her feet were wriggling and wiggling like mad under Gruber's rapidly tickling fingernails! Dazzle was looking at me as if to say she couldn't take no more. Her eyes were popping out, her head thrashing back and forth and looking down at Capt. Gruber.

Gruber used all her terrible tickling techniques. She used her nails, a feather and a hairbrush. She would sometimes hold her toes back to give the full effect of the torturous tickling sensations on Dazzle's feet! Dazzle was at the point of no return. She was frantic, thrashing, shaking, laughing uncontrollably and was about to pass out!

Just as all seemed like it was over the cell door opened and in walked 5 guards. They were commandos in disguise. They quickly overcame Gruber and tied her arms behind her back, tied her ankles, gagged her and placed her in a corner.

Gruber looked very angry and was swearing at us through her gag.

They released Dazzle and myself. They told us we better hurry and I looked over at Gruber. Even though she was mad she still managed to tease me with her feet. I approached her wanting to tickle her for what she did. I got closer and closer. I was about to reach down when a commando grabbed me and yelled," COME ON YANK, WE BLOODY WELL BETTER GET OUT OF HERE,"! I quickly left and as I was leaving I looked back and saw Gruber still doing her thing.

We left the building and with the help of the underground we managed to make it to the shore. We got into the raft and quickly were heading to the sub. Suddenly there was gunfire and we were in the middle of a gunfight. Dazzle and I ducked as the commandos fired back at the German soldiers. Their bullets just grazing over us.

We boarded and submerged just before two ME-109s could hit us. While underwater the commandos told us that Pierre arranged for this rescue and that he desigened the plan. After our rescue he disappeared back into the underground.

That pretty much left Pierre out of suspicion as a traitor but we had to find the traitor but how? Then Dazzle and I came up with an idea. We told the commandos to radio Gen. Kirby with a fake message. He would gather Capt. Adams, Col. Drake, the doctor and his asst. in his office and reveal the message.

The message stated: All plans are to proceed. We learned the locations of two fighter bases. Underground will commence with assination of Gen. Hessel.

The commando didn't understand the idea of a fake message and I explained," the only ones who know it's a fake our you, the Gen. and us. The one who leaves the room after the Gen. reads the message is the traitor.

"How do you figure that," asked a commando"?

Dazzle responded," wouldn't you rush to warn your commanding officer that you are spying for that he was about to be eliminated"? The commando agreed and sent the message.

While he sent the message we discussed who we thought it was. I wasn't sure but Dazzle swore it was Dr. Grant. I joked and asked if she was willing to bet. She said she was so sure that if she was wrong I could tickle her feet again for as long as I wanted to.

We arrived and got to headquarters. There to greet us was Gen. Kirby and Capt. Adams. The Gen. said that congratulations were in order and even though our mission failed we caught the spy.

Anxiously Dazzle asked," it was Dr. Grant wasn't it"?

"No", said the Gen.,"it was his asst., seems she had been tipping off Jerry for some time now. Col. Drake and the Dr. took her down to the interrigation room".

We were congratulated and I was told I was heading back to the United States in a couple of days. I walked with Dazzle to her office and she sat down to write her report. I joked that she lost her bet and that she owed me. She removed her shoe and poised her bare foot right in front of me. Just as I about to walk over she put it back in the shoe and said," it'll have to be another time. I have alot of paperwork to fill out and I have to brief command on what happened".

I totally understood and agreed. I then asked for the key to the door to the basement where we had our first encounter. She laughed, shook her head and gave me the key.

I unlocked the door and went downstairs, as I went down I heard voices and I approached the room where the gurney was. I unlocked the door, opened it slightly and peeked in. I couldn't believe what I saw.

I saw Dr. Grant's asst., with her arms at her side, strapped to the gurney. She was strapped around her chest, waist, thighs and ankles. At the end, untying her shoes was the Dr.

I stuck my head in further and saw at the her head was the Col.. He asked the doctor if this method would work and the doctor stated," believe me it will. I know she is insanely ticklish on her feet, especially in stockings and besides it's leave no body marks. The only thing she may get are runs in her nylons".

With that the Dr. removed her shoes, layed over her ankles and instantly dug his fingers into her sweaty, soft stockinged feet. The top of the gurney bounced and the asst. went crazy screaming hysterical laughter and begging for mercy!

I watched for about a half hour and I could see the Col. was getting very impatient where as the Dr. was probably hoping she wouldn't talk for a long time.
The doctor just layed over her, as if hypnotized, knowing that this time he didn't have to sneak to tickle. This time it was official! He just kept tickling her without any break at all.

I almost felt sorry for his asst. as her wiggling feet couldn't keep up with the rapid ticklings of the Dr.'s fingers. Her feet were at his mercy which he showed no signs of giving.

I left and headed back upstairs, listening to the gales of agonized laughter. I returned to Dazzle's office and she had left. I placed the key under her door and went back to the hotel.

I was sent back home and later was sent back before the Normandy invasion. I, in that time, had mastered the german language and was sent on very important missions in France.

On one occasion I was in a Cafe in disguise. Sitting next to me at a table, to my surprise, was Gen. Hessel and Capt. Gruber. They didn't recognize me but I sure recognized them. I did manage to infiltrate and trick her one time into a weekend she'll never forget. Maybe I'll release that story sometime.

As far as Dazzle and her husband. I rarely saw them while on missions during the war and afterwards I never saw them again. I did go to England on holiday with my wife but never ran into them.

All I have now are those memories and I'm sure, wherever she is, she has them too.
Part 3 of Dazzle's Dilema
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I'd like to read about the German womens weekend sound like a good story
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Thank you for the compliment and your kind words and as far as Steve Adams... what kind of secret agent would I be if I couldn't find him?
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The compliments were well deserved :)
LOL - good luck :)
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